Learning to Improvise means learning to play! But it is challenging to teach, and challenging to learn. This project will run from Feb - May, 2024, weekly at 6:45.  There will be a quick lesson/assignment for each week, and a little time for some folks to share their previous week's work. All in 15 minutes. See you there. Email me if you want to join. It's free!

lesson one - red river valley

learn by ear or otherwise in G, transpose to several keys without writing it down, add left hand bass pattern 

lesson 2 red river valley

and Julie Blu - two tracks. play tune in different keys all over 

lesson 3 different accomp. what can you find.  Don't worry so much tryig to figure out what - just see what your fingers find


lesson 4

still on how to explore with the left hand. and a preview of next weeks lesson moving the right around

lesson 5

moving the tune around in the same scale. Keep levers the same but start in different places - does the lh change as well?

lesson 6

review the previous ways - briefly - choose one mode, and keep the chords, while altering the melody. start and end on the same note as the original tune will help

lesson 7

playing julie in the mixolydian mode. chord explore on I and VII

improv 8 

review - counting counts! changing the melody


improv 9

altering rhythm for variety


improv 10

more rhthyms and choosing a new piece


improv 11-

review lesson 3, and work on final project


Improv 12 - applying the lessons to Thetis Island Waltz

-That's a wrap folks - I'm very pleased with how people have dug in to 15 minutes lessons - congrats to all the project participants!!