Demand Music

Demand Music titles are sheet music for Solos and Ensembles.  They are for sale here or through Sheet music Plus and Harp Column Music.

Here are all the titles organized by level, with links to the purchase pages

Instructional videos, and recordings are found below.

harp solos for beginners

Harp Music for Beginners -

These pieces are arranged to be satisfying and challenging for beginner and novice harpers.

  • sakura
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For the Spring - 17th century Japanese classic with lovely left hand variations. A little more advanced than some of the beginner pieces

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harp solos - intermediate

Harp Solos for intermediate level harpers - ranges from early to advanced intermediate players. The description indicates the level, and the tracks are playable as well.

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Harp Solos - advanced

Harp solos for advanced lever harps. May be played on pedal harp as well, but their are no pedal changes marked. Some of them require good lever technique.

Für Elise
  • Für Elise
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Beethoven's famous piano piece, rendered for lever harp. This slightly abriged version has some lever flipping challenges, and some speedy passages, but is worth the effort to learn and always a crowd pleaser!

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Moonlight Sonata
  • Moonlight Sonata
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Beethoven's famous Sonata 14, later known as the Moonlight Sonata. Lost of levers, but all well organized, and true to the original, though abridged. The hands share the "middle notes" to allow for levers and comfortable playing. A winner!

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